“Some people regard exposing the most intimate aspect of their inner lives as a great taboo, and what could be more private than laying bare that part which defines us as individuals and human beings? I have spoken to other people who have had similar experiences to mine, which I am about to lay open, who were adamant that such revelation would compromise and even destroy the most precious and sacred quality within them. I disagree. I feel it is my duty to report it as faithfully as possible and lay open the most sacred parts of my soul, because I now know that at the very root of it all is the one attribute we all have in common and which defines us as a divine species. Having witnessed it I feel obliged to report, to instil confidence in others, to grasp and acknowledge this innermost truth. Not doing so would be negligent at a time when so much confusion rules and ruins so many aspects of our existence.

Time has long moved on since I had one of the most powerful experiences in consciousness of my entire life and it has left me viewing the world from a unique and new perspective. To use a metaphor, it was an experience that has taken me from the cellar to the top of an infinite roof garden, from which I can enjoy the bright sunlight and a magnificent view of the world around me. As I am typing out my notes I am still on my roof garden, despite having re-entered my old life dressed in the same old body, executing its old roles. How long I will remain here, I cannot tell; I guess as long as I allow life to renew itself on a moment-by-moment basis I may remain here forever, but who is to say.”

Jurgen Ziewe - Introduction to “The Ten Minute Moment”

This website is under development and will be supporting and elaborating on the book “The Ten Minute Moment” in the same way as the website multidimensionalman.com was designed to explore the mysteries of Out-of-Body Experiences.

Equally this website will explore the mysteries of consciousness and will also be based on actual experience not on philosophy, spiritual concepts, religion or speculation. As with OBEs authentic observation is better than fostering new beliefs.

Meditation is not about experiences but about a slow and gradual transformation into a joyful, fulfilling and illuminated life.


Some of the book’s content:

Out-Of-Body Excursion into a Life that could have been.

Visiting the Potential Future of Mankind

The Invisible Aspects of Nature

Approaching the Zero Point Field: The Terrifying Face of God

Enlightenment, Mankind’s Natural State of Being

The Twelve Markers of an Awakened Life

The Nine-Step Meditation to Oneness

Faithful and authentic reports of explorations in consciousness

via deep meditation and awareness focused on the present.