After a profound shift in consciousness during a solitary retreat in May 2013 I was no longer able to get hold of my old roles and patterns of self identifications. It was as if a cage of frosted glass, which had obscured my vision for so long, had been shattered into billions of tiny pieces and there was simply no longer a way of putting them back together again to form the old frosted cage. Whereas in the past I would take glimpses into higher states of awareness, spontaneously or through meditation, I was inevitably posted back into my old mundane self, striving to find my way back into the clear light of reality which was unimpeded by viewpoints, judgements or personal issues. Now it felt as if the bridges back had been incinerated and for the time being at least I appeared to be permanently located on a new viewing platform with no roadmap back to my old self and any interest whatsoever in returning to my old ways had simply dissipated.

This is how the profound shift in consciousness affects my daily life. I found at least twelve major changes which made my new identity different from the old one, but as I feel I am only just embarking on my journey through these new wondrous vistas, I am sure there will be more to come as the sun keeps rising out of the morning mists:

1. Ecstatic Joy

There is an underlying feeling of ecstatic joy in life from the moment I wake up. There is an increase of spontaneous peak experiences during the day.

2. Feeling of ‘Home’

I have an ongoing feeling that I am on ‘home ground’ no matter where I am. The world is a familiar place with a constant feeling of being ‘home’. It feel as if the inside and the outside world are no longer separate places, but have merged into one.

3. Detachment

I no longer feel identified with personal comments or criticism directed at me, but it doesn’t mean I am indifferent. Praise and insult don’t reach very deep and mean very little.

4. Enhanced Empathy

I feel strong empathy with other living things, not just people and animals, but with life general. I feel engagement with the world without getting attached to it.

5. Living in the Moment

I feel an acute awareness of the present moment and perceive it as new and unique. This living awareness of reality takes precedence over all thoughts or concepts.

6. No Experience of Repetition or Boredom

I do not experience any feelings of repetition despite routines. Every moment is new and experienced as if for the first time. There is no room for boredom.

7. Thoughts are viewed at a Distance

Thoughts are mostly detached and viewed at a distance without holding any power over me. I can pick them and let them go with equal ease.

8. Living through the Heart

The heart assesses situations instantly and intuitively from an inner wisdom level instead of employing linear brainwork thinking with its endless pros and cons. Obviously the brain is still employed as a tool and an instrument.

9. Enhanced Sensual Awareness

My perception is largely channelled via the heart leading to strong engagement with the world and other people. Feelings and passions arising out of challenging situations settle down quickly without leaving any residue.

10. Peace and Inner Security

I am constantly aware of peace and stillness which can be experienced as a kind of presence, of not being alone or perhaps an awareness of residing inside a greater space of intelligence or consciousness.

11. No Fear of Death

Death is no longer seen as the end because life is perceived as an infinite and continuously unfolding process without boundaries, although this doesn’t affect the instinct for survival.

12. Unlimited Freedom

Because experiences are no longer related to limited ego or social identification, life is experienced in a state of total freedom and individual sovereignty. It offers vast opportunities with a powerful potential for growth.

Twelve Mindset Markers after “Awakening”